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Christmas Content Title

It’s that time of year again when our thoughts turn to plan our Christmas celebrations. For most of us, that will mean the warmth of families and friends, celebration feasts and seeing our loved-ones’ faces light up when they receive a gift that they love.

For many of us, it’s also a time to reflect on how lucky we are and to spare a thought for people who survive on so little, and to wonder how we can help them through Christmas donations.


Christmas is traditionally a time of joy, family, faith, hope, and charity. It’s easy to forget the true meaning of the holiday when you’re sitting in front of the tree on Christmas morning, waist deep in wrapping paper. We forget that not everyone is as fortunate as us to be surrounded by loved ones during the holidays, not everyone is able to take time off work to spend Christmas with their families, and not everyone can afford to buy their children gifts to open on Christmas morning.

What better way to promote one of the core virtues of the holiday, and to warm your conscience, than by being a charitable individual this holiday season and into 2016. As bloated as the government’s welfare state is, a federal bureaucrat isn’t going to be climbing down the chimneys of the homes of underprivileged children on Christmas Eve. The need for private charity still exists.


This Christmas, come forward and donate for the charity organizations which are actually making a difference in the lives of deserving people across the world. One such organization is Transparent Hands Foundation, which funds the medical and surgical treatment of needy people in Pakistan.  More than 50 million Pakistanis are living below the poverty line. They are unable to afford the basic necessities of life. Access to healthcare is merely a dream for them. Local hospitals are overburdened with patients. On the other hand, private hospitals are out of the reach for them due to high costs. As a result, people are left to suffer due to lack of treatment. With your help, we can help thousands of patients get their health back. Donate as much as you can for free healthcare of deserving people. Every penny counts. You can even donate one dollar to whatever you can!


Our Foundation is committed to help those who are in dire need of medical and surgical treatment but they have no financial means. The mission of the Transparent Hands Foundation is to fund the healthcare of poor and needy patients in not only Pakistan but also other underdeveloped and developing countries through its crowdfunding platform and with the support of foundations and commercial organizations.

What better way to make Christmas meaningful than with donation to Transparent Hands Foundation? You can be part of a growing holiday tradition by helping those in need. Instead of material items, choose to donate to those patients who are struggling because of their disease. Help hundreds of struggling families by lifting them up and saving the lived of their loved ones. 

It’s all about Giving to those in need.

It’s Christmas – a time for giving.  After a year of disasters both natural and man-made, many of us are thanking our lucky stars and thinking of others. We know many people, however, who care about their communities and their world, but feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the big issues society faces and their inability to fix them; by the intractable issues in their local community and by the number of charities seeking their support.

You can really make a huge difference.

Start by giving small. You will be surprised how a small donation from me, added to a small donation from you, can make a big difference to someone or something.

Indeed the vast majority of Christmas donations in this country are made up of small contributions, rather than the major donations highlighted in the media.

Of course, we’ve all heard criticisms of charities “wasting” Christmas donations on administration instead of using the bulk of it on the causes they purport to help. But there are steps you can take to help you decide where to donate your money.

Most people give to the causes they have a personal connection to, so begin by deciding on the issue or issues that you care about most. Ask around to find out who is doing a good job in your local community or if you want other options there are also lists of charities to which you can donate.

The next question is always how do you know which charity will do a good job with your money? Please be assured that almost all charities are doing a very good job with the limited resources they have. Indeed, through the use of volunteers, they are able to do an outstanding job with your Christmas donations. However, whether it’s cancer research, homelessness or other causes, do your research.  Use the internet, talk to friends, workmates and others in your community.

Remember, donations are gifts not requirements.  Give this Christmas and be generous because you care, because you want to.  You might even find that there is great joy in giving.


Christmas is the season of giving, but with so many options out there it can be easier said than done. We are mentioning the way through which you can donate to the social causes this Christmas.

It’s great to give, but how can you be sure your Christmas donations go straight to the cause you want to support? Not all charities are equally efficient.


This question comes to the minds of donors every time they wish to donate to a social cause especially during Christmas. With the increasing number of fake NGOs all over the world, donors think twice before donating to a charity organization online. They have a fear that their money will not be spent on the right cause for which they are donating.

Transparency matters for charities because it’s the only way to achieve impact, to deliver change, for the long-term. It matters for three reasons. First, transparency matters for where the money goes. If we can’t understand what change a charity is delivering and how much it costs then we can’t make sure that funding goes where it will make the biggest difference and that the most effective organizations thrive.

Second, transparency matters for public confidence. Due to many fundraising scandals, people have lost confidence in charities. And it won’t be rebuilt if we only focus on sorting out charity finances. Financial transparency is important but we need transparency on the results we’re achieving as a sector too. The public rightly expects charities to show they care about the change in people’s lives not just the change in their pockets.

Third, and most important of all, transparency matters for a charity to learn and get better at what it does. We can only really improve when we have a clear-eyed understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Transparent Hands Foundation pays special attention to its transparency feature. It provides 100% transparency to its donors. That means donors are aware of each penny they donate. They can choose the patients whose treatment they want to fund, and receive regular feedback after the medical procedure or surgery until the patient is recovered completely. In addition to that, donors can see all the medical and hospital bills on the web site for each patient.

If you are looking for a charity organization which promises to spend your Christmas donation amount on the right cause, then donate to Transparent Hands Foundation and save hundreds of lives. For many thousands of people, Christmas can be one of the toughest times of the year. We are asking you, our millions of caring readers, to help put a smile back on their faces. We know times are tough. But we’re asking you to give whatever amount you can and it will create a huge impact.

This year, once you’ve finished buying Christmas gifts for family and friends, please consider adding one more gift to your shopping list: Christmas donations to Transparent Hands Foundation.

Positive effects of Christmas Donations to Charity

Your donations can never go waste. Every penny you spend on social causes, give you immense reward. Additionally, your little support creates a huge impact in the lives of needy people. Following are some of the positive effects of your Christmas donations:

Helping people in need

We are always going to find someone who needs our support in any way. It can be your neighbor who hasn’t eaten for two days. It can be a homeless man living on the street you often pass by. It can be a child who needs donations to fund his heart surgery. You’ll find many needy people like these in every corner of the world. Your Christmas donations can heal the pain of these people and provide them happiness.

Experience immense pleasure

It’s true that donation makes you feel better about yourself. Once you give donation to someone, there is an immense pleasure. The thought of creating an impact in somebody’s life with your Christmas donation, not only motivates you but also keep you doing better. Donate from the little you have and see how that donation helps in changing the lives of less fortunate.

Bringing meaning to your life

Your Christmas donations help in creating the opportunities to meet many other people who believe in the same social cause as you. Donating to people in need can infuse your life with more meaning. If you are stuck in something and that makes you stressed, a simple act of donation can give you immense happiness and take your stress away.

Your children will learn generosity from you

When your kids see you donating money to the needy people, they are definitely going to adopt that too. Especially if they are grown-ups, they will most likely be involved in the causes which you are supporting. You are not only creating an impact with your Christmas donations but also teaching your kids the importance of it.

Motivate family and friends

When you tell your family and friends about the causes you are supporting this Christmas, they may want to help too. Motivate them to give their Christmas donations to any needy person or charity organizations and create an impact. 

Every little help counts

You don’t need thousands of dollars to make a difference. If you are intending to donate to developing or underdeveloped countries, even your few dollars can create a huge impact there. Not just in your hometown, you can give your Christmas donations to anyone in the world through famous charity organizations.

Volunteer if you can’t give money

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have any money to give. You can always volunteer and help the community in any way you can. There are many organizations that run various campaigns during Christmas. You can join them and offer your service as a volunteer.

Your Christmas Donations can change somebody’s life. This year, give as much as you can to the needy community and create a real difference in the hundreds of lives waiting for your support.