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Maximize Your Blessings with Our Muharram Donation Plan

Transparent Hands has designed a Muharram Donation Plan to make it easier for you to give your Zakat, Sadaqah, and other donations during the first month in the Islamic Calendar. Our uniquely tailored plan allows you to either donate for a few days or contribute throughout the month. You can enter the amount you wish to donate each day, which means that you can choose to give more on the 9th and 10th of Muharram (the Day of Ashura)

Charity Brings Greater Rewards in the 1st Month of the Islamic Calendar

Muharram is known as the one of sacred months of Allah (SWT). It’s a special month during which Allah (SWT) gives us the opportunity to receive more blessings. Consider helping the underprivileged at the start of the New Islamic Year to seek Allah’s mercy and favor. Give as little as:

Giving in Muharram is the perfect way to begin the New Islamic Year. Our deeds, whether they are good or bad, carry more weight during this sacred month. This means that it is an ideal time to support our Muslim brothers and sisters who are suffering due to deadly diseases. Prayers of poor patients and countless blessings await those of us who are willing to donate a small part of our wealth. Let your Muharram donation increase your blessings.

Open your heart, uplift souls, and make a lasting impact with your generosity. Schedule your Muharram donations today!

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